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CCTV – Closed-Circuit Television

The Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV), composed by cameras, transmission means and monitor televisions, is determinant in incidents elucidation and/or prevention against people or properties.

Further than the software that allows to analyze the captured pictures, the main features used in each system are:

• System with digital transmission via IP cameras;

• Network Video Recording System (NVR)

• Monitor and remote access through the images via local network or internet.

• Analog transmission system via fixed cameras, speed dome, infrared, day/night vision, thermal vision, 360º cameras, etc.;

• Digital Video Recording System (DVR), Monitors and Joystick Keyboard Controller;

• Hybrid System, that englobe digital and analog features, via video encoders and decoder (Optical Fiber, IP, etc.);

• Preventive or corrective maintenances (Contractual or independent);

• Technical Inspections;

• Hardware / Software configuration;

• Supply of reposition parts;

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